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The culinary industry is a burgeoning part of the American economy. Its profound effect on the American landscape can be seen and experienced from New York to Chicago, San Francisco to Las Vegas. Restaurants are opening at a torrid pace. All of them will need chefs! The manifestation of this phenomenon can be seen prime time on television, in books and magazines.

My fellow chefs, we live in a time of unprecedented opportunity in an exciting and ever evolving business.

Kitchen Maestro can be the bridge to your next career destination. We provide opportunities to upper level management in the culinary field: executive chefs, sous chefs and pastry chefs. To provide you with the best opportunities available, we request that you register with us and send a resume and or a bio as well, if you so desire. We will set up a meeting with you at an appropriate time. This will help us to gain insight and better assess your needs.

All information will be kept confidential. Your resume will never be presented without your permission.

The Kitchen Maestro Process

When a match is apparent, we will set you up on an interview with one of our clients. If all goes well, the client may ask for a formal tasting. If necessary we can help facilitate the process. Once you have dazzled the client and your references are spot on, we can advise you on a compensation package based on your needs, the client's budget and the market in general. Although we get paid by the client, you are an integral part of the equation. At the end of the day, you must be happy with the offer at hand!

Why should you allow Kitchen Maestro to represent you? Just ask some of your fellow chefs. We will make you more money, provide you with interesting career opportunities and protect your best interests.

Placements & Positions

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