Kitchen Maestro: Orchestrating Chef Placements

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Today's successful hospitality paradigm requires vision, innovation and execution. In order to stay competitive in our industry we must not only meet customer expectations but surpass them. Kitchen Maestro provides the necessary key players to reach these goals and achieve success. For an inside consultation, email us.

Our database of hospitality professionals combined with quality references and our unique candidate matching process can help build your team.

Talent + Fit x Investment = Growth
We are now placing restaurant quality, Michelin Star rated, Personal Chefs for year round, seasonal, or special occasions.
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Kitchen Maestro Services: Consulting, Team Building, Chef Management & Career Development, Resume Review, Restaurant Spaces, Business Valuations and Angel Investment.

Chef and Restaurant Brand Management Deals with Hotels and Real Estate Developers Nationwide.

Prospective Clients- Inquire about 1 year guarantee Candidate Replacement Insurance.

KM offers Concept Development as a new feature, inquire within.

KM can provide assistance with Contract Negotiation representing the Client, Candidate or both parties.


When should a hospitality concern hire a personnel consultant?

  • When that concern needs to fill an important position
  • When the search must be conducted in confidence
  • When the client needs to meet a deadline
  • When there is a shortage of quality candidates in the market
  • When the establishment lacks the expertise in the hospitality industry

Why choose Kitchen Maestro?

  • Kitchen Maestro has a proven track record of chef and management placement
  • Alfred Ehrlich, president of Kitchen Maestro, has 25 years of industry experience as a chef, specialty food purveyor and personnel consultant
  • Alfred Ehrlich is an industry insider with an extensive database of hospitality professionals
  • Our unique client/candidate matching process
  • Our tenets: honesty, integrity and empathy for our clients and candidates
  • All searches are conducted in confidence

Does Kitchen Maestro only recruit chefs?

  • While Kitchen Maestro specializes in chef placement; we have placed front of the house professionals nationwide

Does Kitchen Maestro only conduct business in New York City?

  • Kitchen Maestro is nationwide

Who pay's Kitchen Maestro's fee?

  • The fee for each search is paid by the client
  • Kitchen Maestro offers a fair fee and guarantee

How does Kitchen Maestro conduct a search?

  • Kitchen Maestro requests an inside consultation with a prospective client to assess their needs in order to construct our unique client/candidate matching process.
  • We will provide you with a copy of our fee structure, guarantee and industry references

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