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Alfred F. Ehrlich, president of Kitchen Maestro, is a chef-turned-personnel consultant. His firm is retained by hospitality concerns nationwide to provide the key players necessary to make an impact and maximize profitability. Originally designed to specialize in the recruitment of chef talent (thus the tag line, "Orchestrating Chef Placements"), changing market conditions and client needs propelled Mr. Ehrlich to expand into operations and front-of-the-house management.

Savvy and experienced managers play a critical role in the success of restaurants, clubs and hotel dining operations.

Current demand for effective managers is high, while the supply of outstanding talent is low. Whether you are a director of operations, food and beverage director, general manager or sommelier, through confidential searches, Kitchen Maestro can match your skills with the right position in an organization that values your expertise and skills.

At Kitchen Maestro, we take a humanistic approach to the search process. We evaluate your professional qualifications and give you an honest appraisal to determine if you are suitable for a particular job. Just as important, we analyze the intangibles that don't appear on your resume -- heart, hustle, drive and leadership. Managers rely on manuals, leaders rely on instinct. Our objective is to cultivate the untapped value in every candidate we represent and advise each on how to get the job of his or her dreams.

Why wait for the next great opportunity when you can actively pursue it? To provide you with the best opportunities, Kitchen Maestro requests that you register with us and provide a resume so that we may better assess your needs.

All information will be kept confidential. Your resume will never be presented without your permission.

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